Friday, April 16, 2010

So how long is this going to take?

I looked it up today, how many chapters are in the Bible ...


That's about 3 1/4 years, everybody, at a chapter-a-day.  Of course, that will be how many days of reading.  I know there will be days I won't and if we average about 5 days a week ... *tiny brain explosion*

I'll be over thirty by that time, hopefully my wife and I will have a house and kid(s), new job, newest next-gen video game console ... wow.  A lot is going to happen besides my spiritual growth.

But I think I'm ready for a long journey, as ready as I can be (which is to say not fully, but following the Spirit).

I just hope the internet still exists by that time :)


  1. Wow Jason, you have taken on quite a task! This has been really interesting to read your thoughts on each chapter. I am really enjoying this blog so far. You could have a book by the time you are finished! I really liked your comment about women being the finishing jewel in God's creation...or something to that said it better than that. :)

  2. Thanks, Christy! I really could have a book, longer than most novels!

    Thanks for following and definitely feel free to say anything about anything. I'm nowhere near an expert on this stuff, so I'm just giving my honest responses. Hope you stick around for a while!